Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Save me the last dance?

Well, Its coming up to that time of year, weather's warming up...spring is in the air, and Schools gonna end for the summer... you know what that means?...yeah, PROM!  So... If you're a Senior, You're probably in the market for Prom Items. Here at Popkiller, we can help you out:

 We have a collection of Vintage Dresses.
 You never wanna show up to the most important Ball of your life 
with the same dress as someone else... They don't make these designs anymore and they're so pretty : )
And for you Gentlemen out there, we have many bow ties to choose from to go with your spiffy Tuxes. 
So many different jewelry items to accommodate lovely prom dresses. : )
Ever since the 80's going to prom sporting cool shades was all the hype.... it still is. : )
Of course, you can never go wrong with a Top hat or Fedora hat for Prom.
And if wearing a tux is just too expensive ... or just too uncomfortable, 
you can always go the easy way and wear our Tux T-shirt. No dry-cleaning needed. : P
Here our some cool new Japanese masks that came in, If i saw a panda bear at my prom... 
i think it would have made dinner so much more entertaining. haha!
Or.. if you need a cool theme for your after parties, These masks are always fun! Godzilla!! aaahhh!
Ladies can wear top hats too. just...mini sized. : )
Really though, Popkiller has all your Prom accessories.
 From Ties, to lady purses and if you just cant seem to grow a nice mustache before the big Ball...
we can help ya out. So come on in, and spice up prom and make it fun! 
And Congratulations to all the Seniors! you did it! 8D

                                                                               --<3 J

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