Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shady Mcshades.

Now that we're rolling into winter season, 
we've got NEW styles of sunglasses for ya'll!

We know how much you guys LOVE sunglasses..... kekeke.
Available at all of our locations!

Drum roll pleaseeeeeeee.

Woody Wider CLR $12

Neon GID $12

Metal Top Round $12

Wire Top Pea $12

Thick Aviator $12

Small Teardrop Aviator $12

Teardrop Zamasu $12

New Season, New Shades! 
Look back at our older posts for a list of older styles still available in stores!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Audio Bags!

Come in and check out our Popkiller audio bags ($28) and pouches ($13)!
Makes the perfect gift for music lovers of all types.

Messenger bags and pouches shown are:
Boom Box
Turn Table
and Amplifier

No time to come to our store?
Check 'em out online!
-> AudioBags <-

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boogie to my Woogie part 3

 Next week is finally Halloween!
Are you guys all ready to rock out???

If you're still not ready, don't worry.
We got ya covered ;)

Still have time to rack in some goodies to finalize that Halloween costume!

Cat ears and tail $7.50
Cat paws $14.80

Chippendale cuff set $14.80

Japanese Animal Trappers $24.80 (Fox, Dino, Cat)
Japanese Hello Kitty Trapper $28.50

We also got NEW Japanese Animal Onesies in!!!!!
For those lazy Halloweeners or to just wear around in the house, these onesies are sure to keep you warm...
Not to mention you'll have rabid fans chasing after you for a hug!

Japanese Animal Onesie (Adult Free size)



Black Cat

Regular Cat


Hope to see you guys and your wonderful costumes soon!!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Makin Sweet Music

It's time to pick on that instrument that you meant to learn!

Melodicas: $9.50
Glockenspiel: $18
Accordion: $26.50

Monday, October 15, 2012

Boogie to my Woogie part 2

Countdown til Halloween!
We're halfway through October...... hope ya'll figured out what you're gonna be for Halloween! 

If not, don't worryyyyyy!
We got cha' covered. 

Uncle Sam Kit $
Clown Jumbo Bowtie $6.75
Colorful Tutu's $24

Feather Wigs $28
Clown Wig $7.50
Chinese-man Pigtail hat $13.50

Just some sneeeky peaaaky's from the Sunset store!

Would you like Beef or Chicken?? 

Halloween's still rolling around,
so don't freak out and check out Popkiller for some costume help :)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boogie to my woogie part 1

Happy October!

We're working on new displays, new merchandise, new costumes, NEW EVERYTHING!!!
Need some ideas? 
Come take a look at our stores for some ideas and inspiration :)

Geisha? Pig? Punk?
Ah fuck it! Just put it altogether!

The Popkiller Second store is spooking it up BIG TIME with new displays! 
Think: Corpse Bride meets Pig Geisha, meets Shut Up and Give Me The Candy, meets pumpkin, meets other spooktacular knick knacks!

These rascals know how to paaaaaaaartaaaaaaaay!
Need a quick costume? 
Just swing by and grab yourself a face mask!
From Unicorns, to the Avengers, to Pigs, to Aliens, to Buddhas, to Pandas, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

I see France, I see London, I see blood tricking......
Blood sunglasses $12

Like a Sir.
Stylish Mustaches $6.80
Thin Mustaches $4.80

Gloves $4 and up

Inflatable Unicorn Horn $10
Gnarly Teeth $7.80

Skeleton Gloves $6.50

NEW Tshirt designs!!!

Shut Up And Give Me The Candy Tshirt (Mens) $20
Skeleton Tshirt (Men/Women) $24.80

I Love You Tshirt (Men/Women) $26
Shut Up And Give Me The Candy (Women) $20

More Halloween ideas coming up soon!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leathery Autumn

Prepare for the chilly weather in style
We've got vintage leather jackets, boots, pants, and shoes for any occasion and style palette!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheers to being a fucking genius!

Cheeeeers to October!

With Halloween riiiiight around the corner, 
we hope everyone's getting their costumes ready!

We sure aren't. woops.

Buuuuut we do have some new goodies in that just might knock your socks off!
Or sandals, if you're not wearing socks or shoes. 

New PK Original Mesh Caps!!! 
We know ya'll love our profanity quotes, so shout it loud and clear with these new caps!
Because you fucking deserve it :)

PK Genius Mesh Cap $13 

You know when you're just SO excited about something but you're in a situation when you an't find the right words to describe the super awesome epiphany you just experienced?

Well, you're in luck.
NEW PK Original Fuck Yeah Mesh Caps! $13
and now you're thinking:

We get you.

Have a drunkard friend? Shwastey Bestie?
No problemo. 
We've got these new flask babies for any stylish drunkard!

(Back to Front):
64 oz Jumbo Flask $26.50
8oz GDtone Surgical Flask $11
8oz Studded Flask $9.50
8oz SS Hip Flask $9
SS Flask Belt Buckle $14
1oz Flask Keychain $5
S.Steel Pistol Flask $26

Pens? Pencils? Scissors? Junk?
Put em' riiiiight here!

Mini Trash & Recycle Can $12

Need a tinkle sprinkle?
Spice up your bathroom with these goodies!

Toilet S&P shaker set $12
Funny TP $6

Have a crazy drunk night planned out?
Don't want that picture of you in a crotch shot on facebook?

Bust there babies out and save yourself the embarrassment!
Paparazzi Shades $12

Halloween ideas and props blog coming up soon!
We're getting TONS of cool props and knick knacks so make sure you keep checkin us out!