Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Santa? My wish for this year is....

Tired of your boring bland phone?
Want something new and innovative?
Try out our new phone handsets!
Comes in a variety of colors and brings oldschool back with style 8)

i phone 4 case cassette tape $12 / phone handset $24.80

Your landline phone looking a bit lame?
Skull Shape Telephone's will spook out the competition!
Cuz everyone wants phones that have flashing eyes *____*

skull shape telephone $38

Where the Wild Things Are

Now that holiday seasons are rolling in, 
How about some festive wall decorations to liven up the mood? 8)
No home is complete without fake animal heads, right??

tiger wall decor $75

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

outside the frame

 Polaroid Camera $34 
(P.S. we also have other styles/sizes of polaroid cameras as well! Prices may vary.)

Smile for the camera :))

Pink iphone 4G case $12 (Also in other colors)

Quad-camera $9.50
1 click = 4 photos = 1 print
Takes four photos in one click! Prints them out in one page as well!
Good for making little motion flip books :))

Split Camera $18.50
Fuses two separate images into one!

Want some harmless quick fun? Squirt your friends with water while pretending to take a picture :D

Warning: Popkiller is not held liable for any injuries related to water-in-eye syndrome or stomaches caused by laughter. 

From top:
Big camera necklace $18
Minolta vintage camera $55

For those obsessed with cameras as much as we are :)

Say cheese everyone! ☆