Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Naked bodies and animal masks.

Did the title confuse you?
Made you think this was going to be about some old school 90's porn shoot?
That had some animal motif?

Yeah, unfortunately it's just about our NEW PK Original Key Covers and PK Original Animal Bandanas.
Sorry for the confusion.

But please forgive us with these cool new babies!
Gotta collect them alllllllllllll!

From music freaks to simplists, 
make life simple with these key covers!
Only $2.50 each!

Because drunk nights where you end up taking 20 minutes looking for your house key can be easily solved with one of these!
(Or maybe it's just us.)

Renewal of the PK Original Face Bandana's!

Skull Face Bandana (Black/Purp) $3.80

Tiger Face Bandana (Blk, Blu, Ylw)

Need a quick disguise or Halloween costume?
Snag these babies for an effortless look!

Addition of Gender glasses and samurai headpiece not necessary!
(Unless you want that crazy-samurai-tigerface-thick-eyebrows look?)


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Autumn is here and that means the summer heat is going to die down. It's time to cover yourself up... Don't let your keys be naked!!!

Whatta G.

Bling Bling Bliiiiiiing!

Looking for early Halloween knick knacks?

Look no further!
We'll satisfy your all your bling needs!
Weapons, chains, kinda-tacky-but-still-rad necklaces and rings!

From drumsticks to lucky cats, 
to bullets to guns, 
Gents, you can't pass these up. (Cuz passing them up would just be plain silly, right?)

Necklaces from as low as 8.50!

Bling Bling ain't never old!
From thin chains starting at $10, adding that last flair to your costume or daily outfit is easy!

Dudes want funky animal rings too.
Pitbull rings, bulldog rings, claw rings!
From only $9.50!

Three Finger bling rings!
Two Finger bling rings!
$16.50 and up!

It's neeeever too early to start looking for costume ideas!
You know we've got a ton of goodies for that SUPER AWESOME costume!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stunna Shades'

Hey you.
Yeah, you.

You lookin' for something?

How about them stunna shades?
Don't be silly.
Of course they're 100% UV Protected.

The Price?

Only $12 each let's say.

Do they look good?
Of course they look good on you.

What do they look like?
Well, they're right here!

Stunna shades: (by Urban Dictionary
The kind of crazy looking glasses that people wear when they go hyphy (wild).. they are usually round like two circles, and very big in size. 

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh.

Round Cat $12

New Cat $12

Left: Tear Drop Zamas $9
Right: New Lrg Pea $12

Fatty Cat CLR $12

Slim Cat CLR $12

Matte Cobain $12

New Sunglasses are in EVERY MONTH!!!
So make sure you guys check back for those funky new styles 8)
Stay stunna!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Let us give you a hand while opening your icy beverage

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Madness Continuation!

Don't miss out!!!

We've still got tons and TONS of vintage ready for ya'll in the stores :)
Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on your fall favorites!

Continuing from last post............

Member's only jackets are back!!!
We've got them in all colors of the rainbow,
so don't hesitate to get funky colorful....... in style 8)

Gents, this one's for you!

Western shirts, Flannels, short sleeves, long sleeves.....
We've got em'!
Re-stocked and ready to go,
Ya'll know where to get your manly shirt fix :)

New denim additions!!!
Light washes, dark washes, we're crazy about denim!
(Selection varies by store)

Ladies, we know how much you've been waiting for that perfect accessory......

Well, look no further!
We've got vintage scarves re-stocked and ready for the fall!
Silks to gauze, bright patterns to classic stripes, 
anything goes this fall :)


This ones for both gents and ladies!

Oh, wind getting to you?
Nylon jackets are your answer!

Bright and funky just like the good ol' days 8)

Need a bag to put the look altogether?
Throw a cute satchel or woven bag around your shoulder, 
and you're good to go!

September is BIG on vintage clothing, 
so come check our stores out for hidden gems and treasues!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Vintage Explosion!

Happy September!!!

Now that fall season's rolling in.... we've got new specials and items for our lovely fans!

We're bringing the specials back!
Buy $50 get a FREE pair of socks!
Buy $100 get a FREE Boombox pouch!
Buy $200 get a FREE Boombox Bag!

We still also have this promotion in effect!
Don't miss out on all these awesome deals :)

And nowwwwww............

For the month of september, all of our stores are fully stocked with NEW styles of Vintage clothing!!
Come check them out :)
Vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind so there's never two that are the same at any store!

We have different styles of girls vintage dresses♥

Girl's jackets and Members' Only jackets are HOT this year!!!

Need tops??
We've got em'!
Blouses, boatnecks, silk tops, chiffon tops, denim, etc.
You name it, we've got em :)

No problemoooooo.
Florals to stripes, we're ready for fall trends!

Skirts, skirts, skirts!

Petticoats? What?
Yeahhhhh we've got those beauties right here 8)

Fall oxfords and boat shoes are always in style!
Vintage leather and in good condition, so you can rock em' out extra this fall :)

Don't forget the nylons!
Snag one of these babies before they run out cuz' this fall, they are HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Stay warm and stay freshh!
Come visit us soon :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shots shots shots!!!

Just because class is in session doesn't mean you can't have a little fun! Check out our new Test Tube Shooters and get cho chemistry on for $13.50!