Friday, August 31, 2012

KREWELLA Meet & Greet ♥

Hey ya'll!
Just wanted to share some tidbits about the latest life of Popkiller :)

We had the lovely peeps of KREWELLA at our Sunset store for a meet and greet event yesterday!
In case you guys missed it, here's the article on EDM:

There was plenty of food and music, along with tons of cool peeps!
Nice way to wind down on a Thursday night?
We think so :)

Thanks for the fun time KREWELLA and hope you guys visit again ♥

Sunday, August 26, 2012



It's PART 2 of Popkiller Japanese 101 class :)

In case ya'll missed the first class, here it is:

Make sure you keep brushing up on those Japanese skills!
All Small Pins $1.50

馬鹿 = Stupid


John: This time I was dumped by Ellie....
Jack: John, that's because Ellie knows how stupid you are. 
John: Fuck!

肉 = Meat


John: Jack! Jack! Get a marker!
Jack: What for John?
John: I want to write "meat" on my forehead like Kinikuman!
Jack: John, you're so......

うんこ = Poop


John: Mary, please listen to me!
Mary: No John! Go away!
John: Mary ple.......... Ah!
Mary: What's wrong John?
John: SHIT!!! I stepped on dog poop!
Mary: ........... John, it stinks. 

天才 = Genius


John thinks he is a genius, but that's a big mistake.

That's us! 

Studying's a pain in the ass, but we hope you guys liked our little lesson!
Happy back-to-school!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hating in LA, California, and Little Tokyo


It's almost the end of August.....
and school is almost starting for all you studious kids out there........

So here's a little Back-To-School Treat!!!

NEW PK Original T shirt designs!
Wear them loud, wear them proud :)

Haters gon' hate!
Show your hate with the NEW I hate Tshirt!
Men's S, M, L, XL

Represent your city with our NEW Ska Tee's!!
Reppin' LA with this awesome Jolly Roger Ska Tee!!!
Men's S, M, L, XL

Represent California with this California Tiger Ska Tee!!!
Men's S, M, L, XL

Little Tokyo fans unite!!!
Show your Little Tokyo pride with this Little Tokyo Dragon Ska Tee!!!
Men's S, M, L

They have little icons in the front too!
Keep your favorite place always close to your heart ♥

A little close up view :)

We also printed some of your favorite new designs into pins!
Look familiar? 
It's our Shark Attack design and Bulldog design!

New little pins as well!!!
We personally like the cat face addition 
^   ^

NEW Tshirt designs are cranked out monthly!!!
So make sure you guys check back on our upcoming cool new designs :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shadin' and swaggin'

NEW style sunglasses are now in stores!!!

Grab your favorite pair before summer ends 8)
and before they're all gone..... 

We also have new clear lens glasses, 
just in time for school!

Go back in style with these retro hip glasses and fool your teacher into thinking you're smart :)
(Not that we're saying you're not!)

(Left to Right)
Lrg Daddy Glasses $12
Metal Side $12
Wooden Print CLR $12

Remember sunday's post???
Well we got these new babys in that'd make a nice addition to your steampunk collection!

Goggle Metal Round $12

Feeling a bit kitchy-lennon-meets-coachella?
We feel you.
and so will these glasses. 

Lrg Round $12

Not enough?
Trust me.

Lrg Lennon $13 (Left)
Thick Round $12 (Right)

Navajo prints ain't got nothin' on these cool shades!
You feelin' cool enough for these?

Patterned Lrg Pea $12

Kanye ain't got shit on you with these shades. 

Neon Blind $9

We've got lots of new and replenished style sunglasses, so make sure you stop by before they're all gone! 
(These will go by fast, trust me)


Sunday, August 12, 2012

♠ Steampunk Sundays ♠

Today is Steampunk Sundays! 

Little tidbit:
Steampunk is a genre that covers fashion, art, design/architecture, culture, and incorporates themes and elements such as science fiction, fantasy, futuristic inventions and alternative history. 

These are some steampunk themed items we have!

Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses 
$22 to $48

more and more and more!

Deadstock Vintage Sunglasses $32

More sunglasses! 

There are probably more along the line of steampunk compared to the other ones. 
Notice the screws and brass details! The curvature on the lens frame are also a common trait in steampunk style sunglasses I hear 8)

We also have jewelry to match too! 
from $12 to $24

The ultimate Steampunk collection?
Maybe not so much compared to the crazy awesome Steampunk stuff out there, but it's nice to get an idea and learn!

Tilllllll next timeeeeeeeeeee!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flower Power

Just got in a bunch of vintage floral dresses at our Orange County location!

Come by and get floraly with us

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NEW Popkiller renewal vintage pieces ♥

Hello ya'll!
For those who are raging it up this summer, (HARD Summer was fun yeahhh??)
and need some new staples for your wardrobe,
we've got some news for you!

We've recently updated our vintage collection,
and started Popkiller Renewal Vintage pieces!

What does this mean?

These vintage pieces have been slightly altered to improve/better the look!
We personalized and added a little touch of extra awesomeness to these pieces :)
Still numerous ways to rock em' and show em'!

Here are a couple examples of new renewal pieces we got in!

Flannels too hot for the LA heat?
We've got cutoff flannels that you can easily rock together with boots and denim!

These next couple dresses were given a touch of magic for a little extra kick :)
Mermaid tails, puffed sleeves, short lengths...... you name it, we have it!

Our vintage dress racks are always fully stocked with selective vintage pieces!
Popkiller Renewal Vintage pieces go here too so make sure you dig for em' beauties ♥

Singer and Pop icon Avril Lavigne stopped by our Popkiller Sunset store the other day!
Shot here with M ♥
She's super cute and nice and was having so much fun with our funky sunglasses!
Thank you again for stopping by ♥♥♥