Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage Shoes for men!

Hello Popkiller Fans! No one walks in L.A, but what goes on our feet is important. 
We have a few vintage shoes for men at all Popkiller stores. Here are some of the shoes at Sunset:

 I look at these and i think Australia jogging. These are classics!

 These stand out, Play basketball in style, or any summer activity!

Air Jordan's will always be cool.Nike dont make them like these anymore!!
 And now.. ...for the Ladies.....
 Just to let you know we have vintage summer skirts in!! all sorts of styles, light weight and pretty!

This one was my Favorite : ) 
Hope to see you in soon, we have so much more to show...
But i gotta go have fun at Popkiller now!.
<3 J

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