Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Valentine's day♥

Valentine's Day is coming!
Did you already get anything for your loved one?

In Japan, it's customary for girls to give chocolate and confess their feelings of love to guys.
This is a little different from American custom where its usually the opposite.
(To celebrate Valentine's Day, here's a little fun fact from Popkiller :D ) 

You can't eat it ,but it smells just like chocolate!
Girl's are forever a fan of anything sweet♥

red heart ring $14
green vintage dress $20
black mini hat $12.80

For those girls that are a little bit edgy and cool, 
How about one of our Red Lip Ashtrays??

 Vintage Jkt 
Vintage rock-t (DOORS)
Red Vintage Boots 
Lip Ashtray $18
Laser pointer gun lighter $5.50
double finger ring $ 16.50

we will be getting more stuff to make your special day  :)


Monday, January 30, 2012

Do you? Do you!!??


 ahh....baby... Don't hate meeee! 
come out and let me give you a  big hug! 
let's make up :)


what is your favorite part of JAPAN??
I say ....FOOD!!!
I♥JAPAN pins $1.50


 of course...SUSHIIIII!!!! 

...and RAMEN♥
 I♥RAMEN pins $1.50

EAT  and  BE HAPPY!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Do you like STAR WARS?? 
come to popkiller! we have cool Darth Vader rings! 

Darth Vader Ring $16.80

New year New design 2012

Happy Happy Happy 2012♥♥♥
Our new styles of T-shirts just came in!

DJ's and DJ lovers unite!our new turntable design is sure to satisfy those looking for musical threads 8)
 Big turntable t-shirt $26
vintage red turn table 

★lovely comfortable
unicorn L/S sweater ♥

old school boombox with a pop design twist?
retoro lovers find em' here and get their funk on!
Big boombox t-shirt $26
vintage boombox

imagine all the constellations in one place.
well, now you can with our new horoscope T's!
the stars are never too far away to admire!
horoscope print t-shirt $28
we want to thank all of our customers for an amazing 2011! 
Here's to another great year at popkiller
we are always waiting for our lovely customers♥
see you soon!