Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shoppin' in the Rain!

Oh, Sunday...Rainy Sunday. Even the rain doesn't stop us from having fun.!
It's all about having cool, unique styles no matter what the weather gives us. 
Today we decided to highlight our Umbrellas at the Popkiller Sunset store: 
Check em out! 8D

 Classy in the rain? You bet. Especially with this Artful umbrella.
 I couldn't have painted a better umbrella !

 Two Designs that are wild! Zebra and colored leopard! 
                     So much fun, and very unique!

Oh look! Our Singin' in the Rain shower curtain! It always rains in the shower whenever 
you're in the singing mood, umbrella not necessary in there...
But check out the 4 cool umbrellas Popkiller has. ! ^_^

I'm in fast motion with my Popkiller umbrella

Yeah! Got a classy Popkiller hat to match my Paris-themed Umbrella! 8)

OK, i have way too much fun at Popkiller. We hope you can stop in to any of our locations... 
Rain or Shine!  See you soon! XOXO

- J

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kids, we're headin' to the beach...

All NEW styles of Tank Top and Kid's T-shirts are IN!
Stop by any of our 4 locations and pick up staples for the summer!
Just in time for the summer heat 8) 

Introducing NEW Kid's designs!
Now your kid's can enjoy the same hip styles as you :)
Share the love ♥

Kid's Panda T (S, M, L)

Kid's Hot Dog T (S, M, L)

Owl baby onesie (S, M, L)

and now a little somethin somethin for the adults 8)
A summer twist on our favorite designs!

PK Beer Tank Top (XS, S, M, L)
Neon YLW

Boom Box Tank Top (S, M, L)

Horoscope Tank Top (S, M, L)

Panda Hunter Oversize T (S, M)

Panda Hunter Tank Top (XS, S, M, L)

PK Original Stripe Top (S, M, L)

It's never too early to start stocking up for the summer!
Brights are always in,
so don't miss out on some of our new releases!

♥ from the Popkiller Second store


New Fun Color Threads for Summer

Come check out our Dept. store to find a whole new collection of summer wear from our new white lucky cat tank, Blue Panda Hunter and our always infamous "Japan sells Beer" tank all in awesome new colors for summer. Walk around the beach and into the crazy summer nights looking legit in these. Enjoy and always remember it's PK ALL DAY!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Popkiller Vintage collections at Sunset!!

Vintage searchers should always Stop in to any Popkiller store to fall in love with the vintage collections each store has. I'm highlighting some of the cool vintage stuff at Popkillers' Sunset store: Its sooo awsome! : D

 What collection isn't complete with an old school record player and vinyl records? 
Your friends' eyeballs will pop out of their heads when they see you sporting this hip record player during your cocktail parties. : )
Check out all the different styles of vintage clothes from almost every era! 
one of a kind and so truly unique!
 Barbie is a fashion queen, she can sport coca-cola pattern with grace and she's one of a kind ; )
Omg, how awesome is this working flashing street sign?! lights up your night for those dance nights.  Also another cool record player!
So many unique hats, they dont make them like these anymore!
We have alot of Lucky cats in this store, but this one is vintage and one of a kind. So cute!
I used to have a fan like this, love the sleek design. its fully functional. check out those "cool" buttons!
If you ride a motorized bike, a go-cart, or anything jet powered, 
you gotta check out these vintage helmets! 
Go, Popkiller, Go!
 OOH, Technicolor~!  ( this is one of our Popkiller mouse pads, Neat huh?)
These vintage boots just came in. They are so neat.. I've seen replicas but they aren't this one-of-kind.!
This is so awesome, a collection of 8-tracks! 
 Each Popkiller store has a different vintage band shirt collection. Weather your looking for a hard-to-find tour shirts or a style they just dont make anymore, then stop on in and see what's on stock. : D  

Dont forget that we have so many other fun and exciting things in our stores! Hope to see you in soon! <3

- J

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upper Playground likes Popkiller :)

Saturday Upper Playground Artist Alex Pardee x friends came to Popkiller dept to indulge in some of our sunglasses and original tee's. Here Pardee stands for the picture with our awesome popkiller members Gian.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In light of our updated blog, 
we wanted to share a bit of knowledge with our fellow PK fans.
Hailing all the way from Little Tokyo in Downtown LA,
Popkiller 2nd will share a bit of Japanese :)

Class is in session!
It's time for....

All Pins $1.50

Left: 女 = Woman

Right: 男 = Men

変態 = Pervert


John: I was dumped by Mary today....
Jack: John, that's because Mary knows what kind of pervert you are.
John: Shit!

王様 = King

Example: 誰が死んであの人を王様にしたの?信じられない!
Who died and made him king? Unbelievable! 

病気 = Sick

Example: ジョンは最近恋の病気に悩んでるらしいよ。
John's suffering from love sickness lately. 

危 = Dangerous (abbreviation)


Mary: John's a dangerous guy so be careful.
Ellie: What! So scary!

なめんなよ = Don't underestimate 

Example: 若いからってなめんなよ!
Don't underestimate just because you're young!

革命 = Revolution


Jack: John says he's going to cause a human revolution!
Mary: He's a little weird in the head.

無念 = regret, resentment


John: I'm going to settle my old scores with Mary!
Jack: John, you should blow your nose before that. 

ポ = Po (Abbreviation for Popkiller)

That's us!

That's all for class today guys!
See you next time for Popkiller English 101 ;)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Please come to Los Feliz!!

Come shop @ Popkiller Los Feliz!

Watch a movie @ Los Feliz 3
Enjoy the fire place and food @ FRED62