Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stick it on me!!

I don't care how old you are, Stickers are fun. And Popkiller has got some new ones  in! yay! 
Check em out! We know you'll love them:

 Oh these will look cool on your guitar case, car.. 
or...when your friends pass out at your pad after that party, stick em on their forehead! 
They will wake up and thank you! 
How can you not love these stickers?! XD
What's your Hate? we have some bumper stickers for your car!
 Let everyone know how you feel about those annoying parking meters!!
Revolution,baby! : P
PK original stickers $1.50
PK original Bumper stickers $3.80

Hope to see you in a Popkiller store soon to collect all of our new stickers~! 8D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ashley Paige ♥♥♥

Our lovely neighbors Ashley Paige featured us in their recent photoshoot!

Can you tell where this is? :)

Secret Popkiller Sunset x Ashley Paige collaboration? 
We love it!

What better way to enjoy the summer than with pretty girls, super cute bikinis/bathing suits, and an awesome shopping experience?

Thank you Ashley Paige!

Make sure you check out their new store location located right next to our Popkiller SUNSET location!

Ashley Paige
7501 W Sunset Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90046

M & N

Pumped up Socks

All the other kids with the pumped up socks.....

Hello all!
While the sun's still beating down in this California sunny weather, 
the night's are still a bit chilly and cool.
For those who hate to get cold feet,
but don't want to wear boring ol' black and/or white socks..........

We've got good news for you!



And we've got some NEW designs added to our lovely collection!

For those who don't want to sacrifice cold feet AND fashion,
We've got you covered 8)

For the MENS:

(From Left to Right)

Checkered Red, Checkered Black, Boots, Tuxedo, Lucky Cat, Shark, Gun Holder


Owl Blue, Lucky Cat, Piano, Cross Guns, Neon, Hot dogs, Panda, Owl Brown


Checkered Black, Checkered Red, Tuxedo, Panda, Boots

Our lovely collection:

All of our Original socks are ALWAYS:

Buy 1 for $6.80
Buy 2 for $10

Stay classy and warm with our socks♥
Even in formal situations?

Stay tuned for more new updates and products coming your way!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

hello studs lovers!

Hello everyone♥

we got cool vintage leather jackets in! 

How about for girls?? got cute vintage shoes  ;)
 cool hand made belts!

Use these red studded gloves as an accent to any fashion statement!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When top meets bottom, and shoes get involved for a love triangle.

So you have all of this neat stuff to wear, 
but you don't know how to make it work?

This crew neck looks good with just jeans or a pair of shorts, 
but you're looking for something with a bit more..... pizzazz? 

Well, you're in luck!
We put together several outfits that you can take notes from,
and wear those Popkiller Originals to their full potential!

What's the point in buying awesome things when you don't know how to wear it, right?
Let the expert help :)

Styling/Photos done by Nanako Ito

Neons and brights are in full swing this year, so pair your favorite Tiger Wing Tank Top with bright leggings and throw a similar hued shirt on top for an effortless chic look!

Top it off with a fedora (decorated with our Popkiller Original Pins of course) and throw a Creature Bag over your shoulders and you're ready for the summer heat 8)

Tiger Wing Tank Top $24
Popkiller Original Pins (s) $1.50 (L) $2.00
Whale Creature Bag $26.50

For a little more boho look, 
pair a long vintage multi-patterned skirt with one of our Rising Sun Tank Top and tuck it under!
Add a Wool Meiko Hat and Large Cat Sunglasses to keep the sun out and protect that healthy skin 8)

Don't forget to add a cute pair of vintage heels to finish off your look!

I would also suggest a light cardigan or cute wooden or gold bangles to really finalize the look. Perfect if you're headed to the beach or a nice day out shopping with your girls!

Rising Sun Tank Top $20
Wool Meiko Hat $36
Vintage Long Skirt $26
Large Cat Sunglasses $13
Vintage Heels $10

For those EXTRA hot days where you just want to keep everything minimal, 
throw on one of our Panda Hunter Oversize shirts with Vintage destroyed denim shorts (in this case I suggest black to accentuate your bottom, otherwise if you choose a regular light blue, the combination will make you look wider)!

Accessorize with a Black Paper Fedora (same one used as the first outfit) and Vintage western boots (I used red in this case, but black is fine as well) for a small edgy kick :)

Want a little bit more?

Put on round shades like our Chibimaru Tint Sunglasses and stack some Black Stud bracelets for an even edgier kick! 

Panda Hunter Oversize shirt $28
Vintage Destroyed denim shorts $52
Black Paper Fedora $ 16.80
Vintage Western Boots $42

Looking for something a little bit more man-ish?

Try our unisex Panda Hunter Neon Tank Top (size up if you want that loose fit), and couple it with a simple Straw Hat and Black Lace Leggings. I like a little kookyness to all my outfits so I paired this with 
Metal Circle Clear glasses and Wingtip oxfords (The ones in the picture are actually mine.... Doc Marten Wingtip Oxfords!) 

Panda Hunter Neon Tank Top $26
Straw Hat $18
Black Lace Leggings $18
Metal Circle Clear $12

Hope ya'll liked the outfit samples!
Maybe I'll make one for the gents since they want to be swaggin' with some Popkiller Originals too? :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage Shoes for men!

Hello Popkiller Fans! No one walks in L.A, but what goes on our feet is important. 
We have a few vintage shoes for men at all Popkiller stores. Here are some of the shoes at Sunset:

 I look at these and i think Australia jogging. These are classics!

 These stand out, Play basketball in style, or any summer activity!

Air Jordan's will always be cool.Nike dont make them like these anymore!!
 And now.. ...for the Ladies.....
 Just to let you know we have vintage summer skirts in!! all sorts of styles, light weight and pretty!

This one was my Favorite : ) 
Hope to see you in soon, we have so much more to show...
But i gotta go have fun at Popkiller now!.
<3 J

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A cold fridge is nothing without COOL magnets

Tired of looking at the same ol pictures of your family and those month old student of the month certificates? Well now you can finally have something fun to look at while you're cooling off this summer. Popkiller has now made our own magnets with all your favorite popkiller original images :D

                   Keep those sweet tunes blasting for all those lucky cats

                Do u love LA as much as we do? In this sunny Weather?

Whoo Whoo wears staches on our face and cassettes on our iphones? we do :)

PK insignia and Po cat will go right at home at yours :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A whole lotta neat stuff at Sunset Store!

Hello happy people! Just wanna Thank all those who got to come in and check out our new stuff recently. Tonight we've highlighted some more new things at Popkiller's Sunset store, Check it out:

Oh look, Lord Vader decided to show up!
Have some fun being Darth Vader at our store and join the dark side of the force. : P

Our new Elvis glasses has you ready for Vegas this summer... Side burns included.

  We have new vintage bags and suitcases right now, They're pretty nifty! 
One of a kind, suitable for travel to anywhere.

 Thick lensed Sunglasses! these match anything your wearing... yep!

 Aaw, these kids onesies. and our new hats for the kids, so cute! they're ready for summer!

  Try figuring these out... on your keys!

 Day of the dead themed ceramic ash tray
 Day of the Dead ceramic Jewelery skull
Day of the Dead Ceramic In-sense holder.... smokin!
OooOoo! new colorful ways to charge my ipod or cell phone! 
Can't go wrong with these knick-knacks!

Thanks for keeping up with our blogs and hopefully we see you soon!!

Don't go treadin' on those waters...

Jaws Trailer 1975 

Got a case of the munchies?
For human flesh that is....

Bring out your inner JAWS with our new Shark Design Tank Tops!
Yeah, it took as an liver or so to crank out these bad boys....
but it's all for ya'll big fans out there :)

Don't mind the bleeding, 
the doctor said that was normal.....

Shark Attack Tank Top
Men's sizes ONLY

S, M, L, XL



Modeled by one of the cool dudes from the 2nd store, Gian :)


The dynamic Duo ;)
Can you guys guess who the one on the let is?
Go to Popkiller 2nd to find out the answer!

Comes in Crew Neck as well!
Limited to Men's Sizes

S, M, L, XL

Don't forget our Shark Creature Bags!
Little buggers have zip open mouth pocket to stash extra bandages as well :)

Comes in Teal and Yellow!

Blood Spillage inside the store!?
Clean up on aisle 5! 

We're brewing up more crazy funky new designs just in time for summer season!
So don't forget to check the newsletters and our facebook for new info!

and pack those extra bandages for the beach.....
you never know when this monster shows up!