Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Those sizzlin' summers.

It's nearing July and I'm sure most of you are now full into summer vacation mode....
Cuz all of us at Popkiller sure are!

Our top model G posed some of our hottest summer hits for those getting ready for the endless summer parties and barb-q's :)

Don't just throw a party, 
do it with style and fun with our cool party aids to bring your home party to a full-blown rager!
It's never too early to start 8)

Women in the kitchen? 

He's ready to serve and cater to everybody's needs....
not to mention that hot bod :)

Nawww Hamcaterer!

With a basket full of food, and his skeleton apron on,
our Hamcaterer is always ready to serve deeeeeeelicious food!

Skeleton Apron $12.80

Bikini Body Apron $12.80

Our creatures LOVE to eat during the summer too!
Pink fishy here loooooves ice cream ♥

Creature Pouches $18
Ice Cream Towel Treat $6.80
Cake Towel Treat $7.20

Chill down in the summer heat with our ice trays and shot glasses!

Frozen Smiles Ice Tray $7.50
Ice Shot Glass Tray $5.80

Add more fun to the parties with these cool items!

Turntable Coasters $14.80
Happy Hour Bottle Opener Rings $3.80

Surprise friends and family with these wacky glasses 8)

Gender Glasses $3.80 each

Real Food? Fake Food?
Trick your friends or use them as party favors for the guests!

Yummy Food Pouches $6.80 and up

Don't let the sizzlin' heat take away your fun this summer!
Stop by our store locations and stock up on fun goodies for friends, family, coworkers.... the whole lot!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Explosion.


NEW Vintage Selections for both Men and Women have been restocked at all of our locations!
From Member's Only Jackets, to Vintage Dresses, to Versace look-alike Jackets, to Cut-Off T's.......
The possibilities are endless!

And no two stores have the same vintage selection, 
which means different styles and varieties at every location!

Here are some popular bits and pieces from our new stock:

Cute vintage girl's shoes (sizes vary) ♥
Brown western boots and light brown woven oxfords to match with your floral dress!

And for the men's vintage, 
I had our model G pose our popular men's vintage pieces!
Take note of how he accessorizes each style!

Our Versace look-alike vintage jackets are hot this summer!
Stand out from the crowd with this super bling'd out jacket 8)
Can't go wrong with a little extra bling bling with some gold chains and double finger rings!

Vintage Nylon Jacket $32
Gold Chain Necklace $58
Double Finger Bling Ring (SLV, GLD) $16.50
Vintage Sunglasses $58
Japanese Buddha Mask $36.50

For a more athletic persona, we recommend our vintage athletic nylon jackets!
Old school meets new school style, while including the current neon trend!
Model G pairs his jacket with a nice biker goggle for that extra swaggg.

Goggles $29
Panda Mask $38.50

Enjoy the nightlife?
Hit the clubs and bars often for a spin on the ol' turntable?
This look is just for those nocturnals out there!

Retro Shades with simple headphones, and a nice, bright, Members only Jacket to liven up any hotspot!

Vintage Member's Only Jacket $45
Godzilla Mask $56.50
Red Headphones $24
Vintage Sunglasses $34

Athletic Nylon Jacket $32

Vintage Member's Only Jacket $45

We also restocked on our vintage scarves selection!
From sheer to silk to everything in between, we've got it all!

Yup, we've got those too!
From $2.50 and up, we've got different styles of vintage bandanas just in time for summer!

See you all at our stores!
and make sure you prep yourself for the mind-boggling experience...... :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Old Man,

I know it's fathers day,
and you've been great since day one,
so pops,
here's a toast 
and a little somethin somethin,
for all of your troubles,
and the many years,
to come with you and I.

Love, (Insert your name here)

For everyone looking for a little something special for your father, 
we have some gift ideas for you!

From funny gag gifts to something unique and nice, 
we've got everything for your favorite old man!

From Left to Right:
Delinquent Comb ($6.50), Straw Hat (18.50), PK Original Bull Dog T (28.00), Handlebar cork opener (19.50), Vintage Western Shirt (24.00), Metal Circle Clear Glasses (12.00), Bottle Beer Opener (3.80), Wood Tie (39.50), Rifle Gun Lighter (4.50), PK Original Socks (1 for 6.80, 2 for 10.00)

Introducing our NEW PK Original Design!!!

PK Original Bull Dog T (Mens sizes only)
S, M, L, XL



For your best dad, get him the best friend a man can have :)

Wooden Ties:
Striped Wooden Tie $49.50
SM Wooden Tie $39.50
L Wooden Tie $39.50

Lrg Pea Sunglasses 
Metal Circle Clear Lens 
Chibimaru Clear 
$12 each

Vintage Men's Shoes
$64 each

And for those dads who get a kick outta anything:

Beer Bottle Opener $3.80
Stylish Mustaches $6.80

Penis Pasta $6.80
Maybe only for those dads who'd find this not offensively......?

For a dad that appreciates a nice bottle of wine and a nice........mustache?? O____O

Happy Fathers Day!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cutie Creature Crawlies.

Hello ya'll!

Enjoying the beginning of summer break?
Hitting up the beach everyday?
Getting that tanning on?
Packing your bags for that trip to Hawaii?

Well just to help enjoy your summer a little bit more, 
we've got some NEW goodies!!!

Go on vacation in style with our NEW Creature Bags and Pouches!!!

Always adding on to the Popkiller creature family, we're happy to introduce our new critters!

Large $34
Medium $32

Creature Black Shark Bag (Large only)

We've improved the design a bit with these new bags too!
In case you didn't notice it, we have a new shoulder strap padding :)

Oink, oink!
Everyone's favorite piggies have now been creature bag-ified!
Available in black and pink, show off your love towards piggies with this cute new addition!

Creature Pig Bag (Medium only)
Black and pink


Available in pretty pink, gnarly green, and yummy yellow!
Available in two styles: flat pouches and 3D pouches!

Pink Whale and Green Fish for the flat pouch style!

Yellow Shark, Pink Fish, and Green Whale for our 3D pouch style!
Don't forget that the mouth zipper opens too :)

Collect them all or give them for your friends and family!
Perfect neon brights just in time for summer!

These cutie creature crawlies are always ready for on-the-go adventures 8)

New items coming in weekly this month, 
so don't forget to keep checking our blog and our facebook page!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mens' Bling bling!

Hey, theres nothing wrong with a dude who can sport jewelry... 
We promise to have our mens fashion accessories to be as manly as possible, 
Check out Popkillers Mens' bling!:

A little bit of rock n' roll, and a little bit of hip hop club style. whichever type of style you choose : P

 Stop in to Popkiller to see more selections, we don't judge, infact, we think its Cool!! 8D

Monday, June 4, 2012

Can I get yo hands in the air with these beats? ♪♫♪


What's up my fellow music lovers?
Today we got ya'll some cool music related bags to get them beats poppin'!

Introducing our NEW audio bags and pouches!!
Only found at Popkiller stores and our online website,
these bags are durable, comes with a shoulder strap, padded, and totally AWESOME. 

Use it as a laptop bag, your school bag, an accent to your outfit!
Show it off to your friends, your boss (heck, our boss uses it too!), your coworkers, your mom, your boyfriend/girlfriend, even your teachers!

Audio Bags (Turntable, Amp, Synthesizer, Boombox) 

The second store's lovely mascot/idol DJ ZILLA sports his audio bag to work everyday 8)

Showin' up to the crowd with his NEW audio bag (boombox)! 

The synthesizer style for all those musicians out there ♪♫♪

Turntable and Boombox styles ♫

All Original Popkiller designs and styles! You can't find these anywhere else 8) 


Ramen, Beer, Manekineko, Candy cuffs, and our audio bag and pouch. 
Just the way life should be. 

We also have our NEW AUDIO POUCHES as well!!!
For the ladies to carry their makeup, toiletries, or maybe even use it as a pencil bag!

Audio Pouches (Boombox, synthesizer, amp, turntable)

It's like a mini boombox and turntable in the palm of your hands :)

Collect them all! 
Audio bags and pouches are available at all stores!

Keep those beats crunkin' and keep jammin' with our NEW Audio Bags and Pouches!

New items are coming at cha' weekly!
Stay tuned to keep up with our new designs and products!



Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Owl, Panda and Cat are probably the most famously hip in fashion
 and even on the Internet these days.  
Here at Popkiller we'd like to take a moment to pay homage to some of these cutey animals:

↑ vintage owl decors↓
                            I personally collect owls... and these are pretty cool.!
 LED key cap&pen
↑ vintage decors↓
Wise old Owls!


 panda ring $18.50
panda lunch box $11.80
kid's panda mesh cap $9
Something for the kiddies. Cute on Cute! 
 panda baby bib $6.80
 Only great things can happen wearing this mask! lol
 panda mask from JAPAN $38.50


OOOooo! so cute!
 Yummy kitty candy 
 vintage cat candle
Oooo, these salt and pepper shakers are so cute!

 cat wallets  lucky cat $15.80 / coin purse$12 
cat mask from JAPAN $38.50
cat top $26

I ♥cat pin $1.50
Come on in and visit our animal collection! 8D