Sunday, May 13, 2012

The sun is bright!! Get protected!

Hello People! We are having fun again at Popkiller Debt. in Los Feliz today. (when DON'T we have fun at Popkiller?)We've been noticing its getting brighter and sunnier everyday here in L.A. Protect your eyes in style. Today I'm highlighting our new Sunglasses:
oh these are cute. 

                      We have some new animal print sunglasses and new heart John Lennon style sunglasses

Ok, these "Digital" pixel sunglasses are for the inner dorks in us all... and those Disco ball sunglasses are so cool. I Imagine they are a pair i'd sport at the roller rink, or bustin' moves like John Travolta on the dance floor. haha!
 I'd have to say these Round flip up sunglasses are one of my Favorites.
 As you can see in this picture, did I mention they are also functional? they block 100% of UV rays. Smart AND stylish. Yeah!
Welp, I'm about done today, I hope to see all you Happy , Sunny people in a Popkiller store soon. 
I have hearts on my eyes for Popkiller stores!!  See you soon <3 
- J

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