Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whale you be my summer love?

 It's that season!
Fall and Winter finally gave way to the sunny days of spring and summer...

It's that season,
where girls bust out their daisy dukes and bikinis on top,
where boys bust out their tanks and swimming trunks,
where dogs and cats are lazier than usual,
where mom and dad finally agree to clean the pool in the backyard, 
where ice cream trucks turn from nostalgia to reality,
where the beach becomes constantly crowded,
and everyday feels like a Sunday.

and what better way to start off the summer with some new Popkiller Original goodies? :)
(and you guys thought I just wanted to write poetry..... pfffft)


Popkiller Original Iphone 4/4S cases!

Way durable and WAY COOL,
you can dress your phone up with our three original designs!
Each only $13 :)



and who can forget the Lucky cat?

A Sea of Patches at 2nd!
Can you pick out your favorite one?

See you gents and ladies here!
and get those swimsuit bodies ready 8)
(I know I do......)


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