Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A whole lotta neat stuff at Sunset Store!

Hello happy people! Just wanna Thank all those who got to come in and check out our new stuff recently. Tonight we've highlighted some more new things at Popkiller's Sunset store, Check it out:

Oh look, Lord Vader decided to show up!
Have some fun being Darth Vader at our store and join the dark side of the force. : P

Our new Elvis glasses has you ready for Vegas this summer... Side burns included.

  We have new vintage bags and suitcases right now, They're pretty nifty! 
One of a kind, suitable for travel to anywhere.

 Thick lensed Sunglasses! these match anything your wearing... yep!

 Aaw, these kids onesies. and our new hats for the kids, so cute! they're ready for summer!

  Try figuring these out... on your keys!

 Day of the dead themed ceramic ash tray
 Day of the Dead ceramic Jewelery skull
Day of the Dead Ceramic In-sense holder.... smokin!
OooOoo! new colorful ways to charge my ipod or cell phone! 
Can't go wrong with these knick-knacks!

Thanks for keeping up with our blogs and hopefully we see you soon!!

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