Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't go treadin' on those waters...

Jaws Trailer 1975 

Got a case of the munchies?
For human flesh that is....

Bring out your inner JAWS with our new Shark Design Tank Tops!
Yeah, it took as an liver or so to crank out these bad boys....
but it's all for ya'll big fans out there :)

Don't mind the bleeding, 
the doctor said that was normal.....

Shark Attack Tank Top
Men's sizes ONLY

S, M, L, XL



Modeled by one of the cool dudes from the 2nd store, Gian :)


The dynamic Duo ;)
Can you guys guess who the one on the let is?
Go to Popkiller 2nd to find out the answer!

Comes in Crew Neck as well!
Limited to Men's Sizes

S, M, L, XL

Don't forget our Shark Creature Bags!
Little buggers have zip open mouth pocket to stash extra bandages as well :)

Comes in Teal and Yellow!

Blood Spillage inside the store!?
Clean up on aisle 5! 

We're brewing up more crazy funky new designs just in time for summer season!
So don't forget to check the newsletters and our facebook for new info!

and pack those extra bandages for the beach.....
you never know when this monster shows up!

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