Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Apology for some recent mysterious credit card statements.

Notice: Apology Regarding Credit Card Transaction Issues From Last Year (03/12/2012)

We would like to apologize for a some credit card processing issues you may have experienced. We have received several inquiries that our customers' credit card statements show a transaction made at our stores that they don't remember. We looked into this matter and found out that some credit card transactions occurred within past six months (Oct & Nov of 2012, Jan 2013 to be exact) were NOT processed correctly by the credit card processing company due to system errors. Once the problem was solved with the credit card card processing company, those transactions were listed on our customers recent bills (Jan & Feb 2013). Please be reminded that our customers were NOT double charged. You might have seen the transaction listed on your bank statement, usually online, however, it should've shown as "pending" with the exact same figure. We are in process of sending a copy of our receipts to the card company to clear the matter. We truly apologize for any inconveniences or any emotional discomfort you went though over this incident. We thank you for letting your card companies know that there is a problem. Thanks to our loyal customers, we were able to identify and fix the problem. Again, we did not mean to catch you by surprise in a negative manner, and we truly owe you an apology. If at all, we try our best to surprise you in a more fun and constructive way. Thank you for taking your time to read this. If there is any questions or concerns, please let us know through our contact page. BTW if you were one of those unfortunate customers, please come to our store and say "Credit Card T-shirt!". We will give you a FREE POPKILLER T-shirt of your choice so you can feel lucky. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

War Sex Los Angeles.

It's FASHIONWEEK in LA you say?
Eff that!

Everyday is Fashion Week at Popkiller just because we don't give a damn and wear watever we want. 
Hooray for laziness and creativity.
Oh and Daylight Savings Time. 
Don't you just love longer days?

We love a lot of stuff but we're pretty hateful too. (In case you don't know about our I HATE series)

Another addition to our Tshirt family!

 All day erryday babayyy.

Love LA?
Represent your LA pride with our new LOS ANGELES TEE!!!
(Usage of some green shtuffs also helps make this Tshirt even more awesome. Juss sayin)

 Back to the 80s we goooooooo.
Rock out to Fresh Prince with these kickass FANNY PACKS!
The multi-colored one in the front even comes with SPEAKERS to help amplify your awesomeness.

Check out THIS hot stud rockin all 80s style.
(Popkiller embraces ALL colorful characters and turn them into models. Yup.)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Springin' cOlOrS.

The weather is still a bit gloomy in LA,
but that don't mean you can't spring into March without some COLOR in yo life!

We've got these new babies to get you started :))

Available at all Popkiller locations!!

GID Neon CLR Glasses

Shiny Pixel Tint

Candy Circle

Get on it folks! 

Monday, February 18, 2013


So we like, 
finally got like, 
new Tshirt Designs in.

And they are like, 
so cool.
Ya know?

PK Originals be ampin' up this year! 
We've got both mens AND womens PK Original Tshirt designs IN!!!!

Bat shit crazy.
(You can totes tell I got a little carried away with the editing...)

Sorry I'm not A Musician T
(Mens/ Heather Red)

Mullet Hawk T
(Mens/ Heather Drk Blue)

Drink Sake T
(Girls/Heather Blue)
Oversize T

Bat Shit Crazy T
(Girl & Mens/ TrkBlk)
V neck
W= S,M    M=S,M,L,XL

We got a little cray cray. 
(Please ignore the peeping cankles)

We're gonna try to aim for the "Popular Phrase Award" this year with Bat Shit Crazy. 
So stay BAT SHIT CRAZY folks!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine babeh.

So here we are again.
Mothereffin one week left.
It's back again this year folks, and you know what?
I bet you guys are putting off getting gifts and sweethearts again.
C'mon now guys.
Aren't we getting a little old for all of this candy and chocolate and flowers and cheap target greeting cards and 2 buck chucks and sleazy motel bizness?
Let's bring back the good ol', tasteful gift giving.
The bow chica wow wow bizness can come afterwards.
Ladies, you're in luck!
We've laid out some ideas for those hard-to-shop gents!
(and we steretype'd them too for easy shopping. You are very welcome.)
 The Classy Gentleman
Wooden Bow Tie $38
Vintage Sunglasses $18~up
Metal Aviator Clear $12
Vintage Western Shirt $18~up
Vintage Men's Shoes

 The Avant Gardian
Bling Earrings $9.80~up
American Flag Bow Tie $5.50
Vintage Nylon Jacket
Bird Claw Necklace (Gld/Slv) $22.80
Octagon Sunglasses $12
Unagi Eel Sunglasses $9

 Mr. Never-Will-Get-A-Car
Vintage Nylon Jacket
LED Sports Watch $19
Water Bottle Bag $4.50
PK Original Socks (Shark) $6.80
Vintage Sunglasses

The Juvenille Rocker
Vintage Leather Jacket
Studded Leather Flask $20.80
Vintage Leather Belt $24
PK Suicide Gun $24.80
Vintage Sunglasses
We also do gift wrapping at all of our store locations!
Next week, we're doing ladies gift ideas!
(That means Gentleman, you should come back next week for some hints. COUGHCOUGH)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sugar high babies!

 Have a rambunctious little Rugrat that needs a little wardrobe pimpin?

 We just got these supah kawaii new kid's booties and pants!
 Find one that matches your cutie patootie!

 Baby Socks $5.50

Baby Leggings $8.50

Mix and match for a cute funky outfit!

Speaking of babies, one of our coworker brought his newly adopted Boxer puppy for Popkiller Career Day! 
Gah, if only my dog stayed a baby and cute too.......

Valentine's Day is coming up soon! 
Let's see what kind of sappy, gross, disgusting mushy-gushy things we can come up with this year at POPKILLER..... ♥


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Join the PK Army.

Because there ain't no thang like the real thang.

 Down to the REAL DEAL.
We got a WHOLE LOTTA army jackets for the too H2H peeps!

Vintage Army Jackets, Vests, and Camouflage Jackets! 


We wanted to be hip and young so we modeled them for ya'll. 
The maturity level of this picture is overwhelming.


 This hawt stud (ladies he be at the Popkiller Second store WINKWINK) pulls it off.

We got tons and tons of jackets in different sizes so come on downnnnnnn.
Get em' before some other new trend starts....... like man thongs or somethin.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Watch out!

 (Get it? WATCH out?)
Okay, I'm done being lame. 

Having trouble keeping up with time?
2013's a bitch to keep up, we know. 

Swag into 2013 with our new watch styles!
 New accessories > New style > New Life > New babes = 2013

 Solar LED Watch $19
Tough LED Watch $19

And for the laaaaaadies..........
New jewelry!

CA Necklace $11.80
Compass Necklace $15
Pocket Watch Necklace $26.80 

And look! 
This one's a watch too so you can tell time like a sir.


Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Tshirt Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeee!

(No, Jersey Shore isn't my guilty pleasure. )

But it's 2013 folks!
And you know what that means.......
Recap of 2012 time!

It's been one heck of a year but we managed to pull through and even threw in a couple parties here and there!
We're glad ya'll were able to enjoy 2012 with everyone else at POPKILLER!

Popkiller Tshirt Recap for 2012

We'll have even MORE NEW styles for 2013 so keep checking!

 I hope ya'll are enjoying everything I've put up in the blog so far!
Also, we're always looking for any COOL PHOTOS everyone took at the store, with the merchandise, etc. etc.
Just send em' our way and we'll be sure to feature you in the blog!

Send all photos with any name you would like to be credited to:
  Popkiller Facebook
(Just do private message!)
Or #Popkiller to be featured on our Instagram!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

A little too late so say...

Happy New Years from everyone at Popkiller!

We hope you all had a nice Holiday Break and got phat and such.
(Cuz I sure did.....)

Was eating so much this guy was giving me the death glare (half asleep of course...)

Also, Thank you all who came out and supported our first time selling MYSTERY BAGS
We hope you liked them as much as we liked seeing everyone come out on New Years Day!
I know I looked pretty retarded in a Yellow Happi.....

We'll see you again next year on New Years Day only at Popkiller Second!

And after a nice day I went home to go eat some Toshikoshi Soba and Ozouni.
It's Japanese tradition to eat both dishes on New Years Eve or New Years Day. 
(Don't mind the Asahi in the back....)


Spend $50, get free socks!
Spend $100, get a free beanie!

Don't miss out :)

Happy New Years from POPKILLER 
and we hope to see ya'll soon this 2013!