Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Explosion.


NEW Vintage Selections for both Men and Women have been restocked at all of our locations!
From Member's Only Jackets, to Vintage Dresses, to Versace look-alike Jackets, to Cut-Off T's.......
The possibilities are endless!

And no two stores have the same vintage selection, 
which means different styles and varieties at every location!

Here are some popular bits and pieces from our new stock:

Cute vintage girl's shoes (sizes vary) ♥
Brown western boots and light brown woven oxfords to match with your floral dress!

And for the men's vintage, 
I had our model G pose our popular men's vintage pieces!
Take note of how he accessorizes each style!

Our Versace look-alike vintage jackets are hot this summer!
Stand out from the crowd with this super bling'd out jacket 8)
Can't go wrong with a little extra bling bling with some gold chains and double finger rings!

Vintage Nylon Jacket $32
Gold Chain Necklace $58
Double Finger Bling Ring (SLV, GLD) $16.50
Vintage Sunglasses $58
Japanese Buddha Mask $36.50

For a more athletic persona, we recommend our vintage athletic nylon jackets!
Old school meets new school style, while including the current neon trend!
Model G pairs his jacket with a nice biker goggle for that extra swaggg.

Goggles $29
Panda Mask $38.50

Enjoy the nightlife?
Hit the clubs and bars often for a spin on the ol' turntable?
This look is just for those nocturnals out there!

Retro Shades with simple headphones, and a nice, bright, Members only Jacket to liven up any hotspot!

Vintage Member's Only Jacket $45
Godzilla Mask $56.50
Red Headphones $24
Vintage Sunglasses $34

Athletic Nylon Jacket $32

Vintage Member's Only Jacket $45

We also restocked on our vintage scarves selection!
From sheer to silk to everything in between, we've got it all!

Yup, we've got those too!
From $2.50 and up, we've got different styles of vintage bandanas just in time for summer!

See you all at our stores!
and make sure you prep yourself for the mind-boggling experience...... :)


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