Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Owl, Panda and Cat are probably the most famously hip in fashion
 and even on the Internet these days.  
Here at Popkiller we'd like to take a moment to pay homage to some of these cutey animals:

↑ vintage owl decors↓
                            I personally collect owls... and these are pretty cool.!
 LED key cap&pen
↑ vintage decors↓
Wise old Owls!


 panda ring $18.50
panda lunch box $11.80
kid's panda mesh cap $9
Something for the kiddies. Cute on Cute! 
 panda baby bib $6.80
 Only great things can happen wearing this mask! lol
 panda mask from JAPAN $38.50


OOOooo! so cute!
 Yummy kitty candy 
 vintage cat candle
Oooo, these salt and pepper shakers are so cute!

 cat wallets  lucky cat $15.80 / coin purse$12 
cat mask from JAPAN $38.50
cat top $26

I ♥cat pin $1.50
Come on in and visit our animal collection! 8D

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