Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Old Man,

I know it's fathers day,
and you've been great since day one,
so pops,
here's a toast 
and a little somethin somethin,
for all of your troubles,
and the many years,
to come with you and I.

Love, (Insert your name here)

For everyone looking for a little something special for your father, 
we have some gift ideas for you!

From funny gag gifts to something unique and nice, 
we've got everything for your favorite old man!

From Left to Right:
Delinquent Comb ($6.50), Straw Hat (18.50), PK Original Bull Dog T (28.00), Handlebar cork opener (19.50), Vintage Western Shirt (24.00), Metal Circle Clear Glasses (12.00), Bottle Beer Opener (3.80), Wood Tie (39.50), Rifle Gun Lighter (4.50), PK Original Socks (1 for 6.80, 2 for 10.00)

Introducing our NEW PK Original Design!!!

PK Original Bull Dog T (Mens sizes only)
S, M, L, XL



For your best dad, get him the best friend a man can have :)

Wooden Ties:
Striped Wooden Tie $49.50
SM Wooden Tie $39.50
L Wooden Tie $39.50

Lrg Pea Sunglasses 
Metal Circle Clear Lens 
Chibimaru Clear 
$12 each

Vintage Men's Shoes
$64 each

And for those dads who get a kick outta anything:

Beer Bottle Opener $3.80
Stylish Mustaches $6.80

Penis Pasta $6.80
Maybe only for those dads who'd find this not offensively......?

For a dad that appreciates a nice bottle of wine and a nice........mustache?? O____O

Happy Fathers Day!


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