Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Those sizzlin' summers.

It's nearing July and I'm sure most of you are now full into summer vacation mode....
Cuz all of us at Popkiller sure are!

Our top model G posed some of our hottest summer hits for those getting ready for the endless summer parties and barb-q's :)

Don't just throw a party, 
do it with style and fun with our cool party aids to bring your home party to a full-blown rager!
It's never too early to start 8)

Women in the kitchen? 

He's ready to serve and cater to everybody's needs....
not to mention that hot bod :)

Nawww Hamcaterer!

With a basket full of food, and his skeleton apron on,
our Hamcaterer is always ready to serve deeeeeeelicious food!

Skeleton Apron $12.80

Bikini Body Apron $12.80

Our creatures LOVE to eat during the summer too!
Pink fishy here loooooves ice cream ♥

Creature Pouches $18
Ice Cream Towel Treat $6.80
Cake Towel Treat $7.20

Chill down in the summer heat with our ice trays and shot glasses!

Frozen Smiles Ice Tray $7.50
Ice Shot Glass Tray $5.80

Add more fun to the parties with these cool items!

Turntable Coasters $14.80
Happy Hour Bottle Opener Rings $3.80

Surprise friends and family with these wacky glasses 8)

Gender Glasses $3.80 each

Real Food? Fake Food?
Trick your friends or use them as party favors for the guests!

Yummy Food Pouches $6.80 and up

Don't let the sizzlin' heat take away your fun this summer!
Stop by our store locations and stock up on fun goodies for friends, family, coworkers.... the whole lot!


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