Monday, June 4, 2012

Can I get yo hands in the air with these beats? ♪♫♪


What's up my fellow music lovers?
Today we got ya'll some cool music related bags to get them beats poppin'!

Introducing our NEW audio bags and pouches!!
Only found at Popkiller stores and our online website,
these bags are durable, comes with a shoulder strap, padded, and totally AWESOME. 

Use it as a laptop bag, your school bag, an accent to your outfit!
Show it off to your friends, your boss (heck, our boss uses it too!), your coworkers, your mom, your boyfriend/girlfriend, even your teachers!

Audio Bags (Turntable, Amp, Synthesizer, Boombox) 

The second store's lovely mascot/idol DJ ZILLA sports his audio bag to work everyday 8)

Showin' up to the crowd with his NEW audio bag (boombox)! 

The synthesizer style for all those musicians out there ♪♫♪

Turntable and Boombox styles ♫

All Original Popkiller designs and styles! You can't find these anywhere else 8) 


Ramen, Beer, Manekineko, Candy cuffs, and our audio bag and pouch. 
Just the way life should be. 

We also have our NEW AUDIO POUCHES as well!!!
For the ladies to carry their makeup, toiletries, or maybe even use it as a pencil bag!

Audio Pouches (Boombox, synthesizer, amp, turntable)

It's like a mini boombox and turntable in the palm of your hands :)

Collect them all! 
Audio bags and pouches are available at all stores!

Keep those beats crunkin' and keep jammin' with our NEW Audio Bags and Pouches!

New items are coming at cha' weekly!
Stay tuned to keep up with our new designs and products!



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