Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine babeh.

So here we are again.
Mothereffin one week left.
It's back again this year folks, and you know what?
I bet you guys are putting off getting gifts and sweethearts again.
C'mon now guys.
Aren't we getting a little old for all of this candy and chocolate and flowers and cheap target greeting cards and 2 buck chucks and sleazy motel bizness?
Let's bring back the good ol', tasteful gift giving.
The bow chica wow wow bizness can come afterwards.
Ladies, you're in luck!
We've laid out some ideas for those hard-to-shop gents!
(and we steretype'd them too for easy shopping. You are very welcome.)
 The Classy Gentleman
Wooden Bow Tie $38
Vintage Sunglasses $18~up
Metal Aviator Clear $12
Vintage Western Shirt $18~up
Vintage Men's Shoes

 The Avant Gardian
Bling Earrings $9.80~up
American Flag Bow Tie $5.50
Vintage Nylon Jacket
Bird Claw Necklace (Gld/Slv) $22.80
Octagon Sunglasses $12
Unagi Eel Sunglasses $9

 Mr. Never-Will-Get-A-Car
Vintage Nylon Jacket
LED Sports Watch $19
Water Bottle Bag $4.50
PK Original Socks (Shark) $6.80
Vintage Sunglasses

The Juvenille Rocker
Vintage Leather Jacket
Studded Leather Flask $20.80
Vintage Leather Belt $24
PK Suicide Gun $24.80
Vintage Sunglasses
We also do gift wrapping at all of our store locations!
Next week, we're doing ladies gift ideas!
(That means Gentleman, you should come back next week for some hints. COUGHCOUGH)

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