Tuesday, March 12, 2013

War Sex Los Angeles.

It's FASHIONWEEK in LA you say?
Eff that!

Everyday is Fashion Week at Popkiller just because we don't give a damn and wear watever we want. 
Hooray for laziness and creativity.
Oh and Daylight Savings Time. 
Don't you just love longer days?

We love a lot of stuff but we're pretty hateful too. (In case you don't know about our I HATE series)

Another addition to our Tshirt family!

 All day erryday babayyy.

Love LA?
Represent your LA pride with our new LOS ANGELES TEE!!!
(Usage of some green shtuffs also helps make this Tshirt even more awesome. Juss sayin)

 Back to the 80s we goooooooo.
Rock out to Fresh Prince with these kickass FANNY PACKS!
The multi-colored one in the front even comes with SPEAKERS to help amplify your awesomeness.

Check out THIS hot stud rockin all 80s style.
(Popkiller embraces ALL colorful characters and turn them into models. Yup.)


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