Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whatta G.

Bling Bling Bliiiiiiing!

Looking for early Halloween knick knacks?

Look no further!
We'll satisfy your all your bling needs!
Weapons, chains, kinda-tacky-but-still-rad necklaces and rings!

From drumsticks to lucky cats, 
to bullets to guns, 
Gents, you can't pass these up. (Cuz passing them up would just be plain silly, right?)

Necklaces from as low as 8.50!

Bling Bling ain't never old!
From thin chains starting at $10, adding that last flair to your costume or daily outfit is easy!

Dudes want funky animal rings too.
Pitbull rings, bulldog rings, claw rings!
From only $9.50!

Three Finger bling rings!
Two Finger bling rings!
$16.50 and up!

It's neeeever too early to start looking for costume ideas!
You know we've got a ton of goodies for that SUPER AWESOME costume!


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