Monday, September 10, 2012

Vintage Madness Continuation!

Don't miss out!!!

We've still got tons and TONS of vintage ready for ya'll in the stores :)
Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on your fall favorites!

Continuing from last post............

Member's only jackets are back!!!
We've got them in all colors of the rainbow,
so don't hesitate to get funky colorful....... in style 8)

Gents, this one's for you!

Western shirts, Flannels, short sleeves, long sleeves.....
We've got em'!
Re-stocked and ready to go,
Ya'll know where to get your manly shirt fix :)

New denim additions!!!
Light washes, dark washes, we're crazy about denim!
(Selection varies by store)

Ladies, we know how much you've been waiting for that perfect accessory......

Well, look no further!
We've got vintage scarves re-stocked and ready for the fall!
Silks to gauze, bright patterns to classic stripes, 
anything goes this fall :)


This ones for both gents and ladies!

Oh, wind getting to you?
Nylon jackets are your answer!

Bright and funky just like the good ol' days 8)

Need a bag to put the look altogether?
Throw a cute satchel or woven bag around your shoulder, 
and you're good to go!

September is BIG on vintage clothing, 
so come check our stores out for hidden gems and treasues!


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