Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Naked bodies and animal masks.

Did the title confuse you?
Made you think this was going to be about some old school 90's porn shoot?
That had some animal motif?

Yeah, unfortunately it's just about our NEW PK Original Key Covers and PK Original Animal Bandanas.
Sorry for the confusion.

But please forgive us with these cool new babies!
Gotta collect them alllllllllllll!

From music freaks to simplists, 
make life simple with these key covers!
Only $2.50 each!

Because drunk nights where you end up taking 20 minutes looking for your house key can be easily solved with one of these!
(Or maybe it's just us.)

Renewal of the PK Original Face Bandana's!

Skull Face Bandana (Black/Purp) $3.80

Tiger Face Bandana (Blk, Blu, Ylw)

Need a quick disguise or Halloween costume?
Snag these babies for an effortless look!

Addition of Gender glasses and samurai headpiece not necessary!
(Unless you want that crazy-samurai-tigerface-thick-eyebrows look?)


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