Sunday, August 5, 2012

NEW Popkiller renewal vintage pieces ♥

Hello ya'll!
For those who are raging it up this summer, (HARD Summer was fun yeahhh??)
and need some new staples for your wardrobe,
we've got some news for you!

We've recently updated our vintage collection,
and started Popkiller Renewal Vintage pieces!

What does this mean?

These vintage pieces have been slightly altered to improve/better the look!
We personalized and added a little touch of extra awesomeness to these pieces :)
Still numerous ways to rock em' and show em'!

Here are a couple examples of new renewal pieces we got in!

Flannels too hot for the LA heat?
We've got cutoff flannels that you can easily rock together with boots and denim!

These next couple dresses were given a touch of magic for a little extra kick :)
Mermaid tails, puffed sleeves, short lengths...... you name it, we have it!

Our vintage dress racks are always fully stocked with selective vintage pieces!
Popkiller Renewal Vintage pieces go here too so make sure you dig for em' beauties ♥

Singer and Pop icon Avril Lavigne stopped by our Popkiller Sunset store the other day!
Shot here with M ♥
She's super cute and nice and was having so much fun with our funky sunglasses!
Thank you again for stopping by ♥♥♥


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