Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saying 'Fuck Yeah' at the Beach while doing Karate.

Happy Summer!
We have several new additions to our Popkiller Original T Shirt family!

The hint?
Check out the title for some clues...... ;)

They're in bright fun colors to match the summer heat!
Make sure you check em' all out!

So you think you're the karate kid huh?
Not til you have this I Know Karate T shirt!

Long day at work?
The heat getting to your head?
What better way to be High-Key to others about wanting to go to the beach,
than this Beach Make my Day Tank Top?

Hungry for some burgerssssss?
Get some nomnom going with this Skull Hamburger Tank Top!

(Also comes in Tshirt version! White only)

We also have the Beach Make My Day Tshirt (Yellow only)!!!

We also brought back the Just Say Fuck Yeah Tshirt!!!
Available in the color Green :)

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at the Popkiller Sunset 9th Anniversary Party!
We hope everyone had a super great time and enjoyed the complimentary food/drink/entertainment!
Stay tuned for more pictures from the party!
(And you thought we uploaded all of em......... hehehehe) 


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