Sunday, August 12, 2012

♠ Steampunk Sundays ♠

Today is Steampunk Sundays! 

Little tidbit:
Steampunk is a genre that covers fashion, art, design/architecture, culture, and incorporates themes and elements such as science fiction, fantasy, futuristic inventions and alternative history. 

These are some steampunk themed items we have!

Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses 
$22 to $48

more and more and more!

Deadstock Vintage Sunglasses $32

More sunglasses! 

There are probably more along the line of steampunk compared to the other ones. 
Notice the screws and brass details! The curvature on the lens frame are also a common trait in steampunk style sunglasses I hear 8)

We also have jewelry to match too! 
from $12 to $24

The ultimate Steampunk collection?
Maybe not so much compared to the crazy awesome Steampunk stuff out there, but it's nice to get an idea and learn!

Tilllllll next timeeeeeeeeeee!


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