Monday, July 9, 2012

The rising sun in the East.

Obon Season is here!
Or at least in Little Tokyo it is :)

In light of Obon season, 
we've stocked up on everyone's favorite Japan-related items!
And we also have new additions as well!

Get your yukata's and geta out!
Obon isn't complete without a little extra accessory to the outfit ♥

Hailing from little tokyo, our Second store packs a mean punch of Japanese taste vintage.....
and of course, our original Popkiller items :)

Our rising sun collection is always growing!
For those Japan Lovers out there, you can't turn us down knowing we have alllllll of these goodies ♥

Japanese Coasters $1.50
PK Original Rising Sun Air Freshner $2.50

PK Original I ♥ Sake Mesh Cap $13
Rising Sun Mesh Cap $13

PK Original Rising Sun patches $3.80
PK Original Lighters $2

 Lucky Cat Wallet $15.80
PK Original Rising Sun Leather Wallet $22

Curvy Design Paper Umbrellas (Red, Grn, Purp) $14

All photography by N. Model: J

We hope you guys are having an awesome summer so far....
Cute onlookers are always welcome ♥


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