Tuesday, April 10, 2012

◄ Patches of Fun ►

We've been feeling a tad bit patchy lately.....

Probably because we a fresh new batch of POPKILLER ORIGINAL PATCHES in!
From cute creatures to slightly inappropriate to total attitude,
we're got em' all :)

Make a statement and add em to your favorite jeans, jackets, backpacks, you name it!
Iron-on and completely easy to take care, 
Popkiller supplies everyone's hunger for patches!

SMALL: $2.80
LARGE: $3.80

We can't get enough of it ♥
For those devious kids...... just don't let your parents know where you got it!

Oink Oink?
The placement is completely accidental. 
We swear!

We covered the first part, 
and now the third part,
Where's the second part? ):

For those music lovers ♥
Feel the beat not just in your body but on it too!

Sushi = Japan

Sharkey Tom: "Fuck work. Fuck life. Just say FUCK YEAH TO ALCOHOL."

You said it bro 8)

Ring around the creatures,
Pockets decorated with these,
iron, iron,
you all want one!
(To the tune of Ring around the Rosie)

Because's he's the king  
Everything he says goes!

Get those beats poppin' ♪♫

Can you find the wrong one in this picture?

 $$ Lucky cat helps you rake in that dough $$

But....... you're a robot!
Oh, the irony. 

Getting ready for the weekend?
Probably what LMFAO looked like when he was young......?

Excuse our dark humor,
we're having wayyyy too much fun with our new patches ♥
We're hoping you guys will too!


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