Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fall Effect.

Fall is in full effect!
We've got NEW stock of vintage, early Christmas shopping knick knacks, and PK Originals!

Why stress out during the Holidays?
We've got you covered. 
(This is where the Staples 'That was Easy' comes into effect)

Don't Forget!
We've got the uber awesome NOVEMBER PROMOTION in full swing too!
Got a bunch of stuff but didn't have enough money to snag yourself something extra neat?
Don't worry.

For purchases over $50, $100, and $200, 
you get something FREE
(Based on subtotal calculations)

And nowwwwwww..........
November Goodies!

Food Key Chain Mirrors $4.50

Yummy Pocket Pouches $6.50 and UP

We've got a NEW stock of vintage items at all of our locations!
(Vintage selection varies per store)

Vintage Shoes........

Vintage Men's Boots.......

Vintage Girl's Sweaters and Cardigans......

Member's Only Rainbow!

And LOTS and LOTS of Button-Ups and Western Shirts :)

Come check em' out!


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