Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boogie to my woogie part 1

Happy October!

We're working on new displays, new merchandise, new costumes, NEW EVERYTHING!!!
Need some ideas? 
Come take a look at our stores for some ideas and inspiration :)

Geisha? Pig? Punk?
Ah fuck it! Just put it altogether!

The Popkiller Second store is spooking it up BIG TIME with new displays! 
Think: Corpse Bride meets Pig Geisha, meets Shut Up and Give Me The Candy, meets pumpkin, meets other spooktacular knick knacks!

These rascals know how to paaaaaaaartaaaaaaaay!
Need a quick costume? 
Just swing by and grab yourself a face mask!
From Unicorns, to the Avengers, to Pigs, to Aliens, to Buddhas, to Pandas, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

I see France, I see London, I see blood tricking......
Blood sunglasses $12

Like a Sir.
Stylish Mustaches $6.80
Thin Mustaches $4.80

Gloves $4 and up

Inflatable Unicorn Horn $10
Gnarly Teeth $7.80

Skeleton Gloves $6.50

NEW Tshirt designs!!!

Shut Up And Give Me The Candy Tshirt (Mens) $20
Skeleton Tshirt (Men/Women) $24.80

I Love You Tshirt (Men/Women) $26
Shut Up And Give Me The Candy (Women) $20

More Halloween ideas coming up soon!

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