Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shoppin' in the Rain!

Oh, Sunday...Rainy Sunday. Even the rain doesn't stop us from having fun.!
It's all about having cool, unique styles no matter what the weather gives us. 
Today we decided to highlight our Umbrellas at the Popkiller Sunset store: 
Check em out! 8D

 Classy in the rain? You bet. Especially with this Artful umbrella.
 I couldn't have painted a better umbrella !

 Two Designs that are wild! Zebra and colored leopard! 
                     So much fun, and very unique!

Oh look! Our Singin' in the Rain shower curtain! It always rains in the shower whenever 
you're in the singing mood, umbrella not necessary in there...
But check out the 4 cool umbrellas Popkiller has. ! ^_^

I'm in fast motion with my Popkiller umbrella

Yeah! Got a classy Popkiller hat to match my Paris-themed Umbrella! 8)

OK, i have way too much fun at Popkiller. We hope you can stop in to any of our locations... 
Rain or Shine!  See you soon! XOXO

- J

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