Sunday, January 22, 2012

New year New design 2012

Happy Happy Happy 2012♥♥♥
Our new styles of T-shirts just came in!

DJ's and DJ lovers unite!our new turntable design is sure to satisfy those looking for musical threads 8)
 Big turntable t-shirt $26
vintage red turn table 

★lovely comfortable
unicorn L/S sweater ♥

old school boombox with a pop design twist?
retoro lovers find em' here and get their funk on!
Big boombox t-shirt $26
vintage boombox

imagine all the constellations in one place.
well, now you can with our new horoscope T's!
the stars are never too far away to admire!
horoscope print t-shirt $28
we want to thank all of our customers for an amazing 2011! 
Here's to another great year at popkiller
we are always waiting for our lovely customers♥
see you soon!

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