Tuesday, November 8, 2011

outside the frame

 Polaroid Camera $34 
(P.S. we also have other styles/sizes of polaroid cameras as well! Prices may vary.)

Smile for the camera :))

Pink iphone 4G case $12 (Also in other colors)

Quad-camera $9.50
1 click = 4 photos = 1 print
Takes four photos in one click! Prints them out in one page as well!
Good for making little motion flip books :))

Split Camera $18.50
Fuses two separate images into one!

Want some harmless quick fun? Squirt your friends with water while pretending to take a picture :D

Warning: Popkiller is not held liable for any injuries related to water-in-eye syndrome or stomaches caused by laughter. 

From top:
Big camera necklace $18
Minolta vintage camera $55

For those obsessed with cameras as much as we are :)

Say cheese everyone! ☆   

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