Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cool Peeps from Sunset

Super Cute and stylish with an sweet tooth for Japanese Candy :D

Such a nicely matching couple with a cool retro taste!

Super friendly with a distinct individual taste in fashion!

Hailing all the way from Europe, each with their own personal funky taste in fashion!
 Thanks for the ultra hip leather jacket purchase 8)

Looks very good in her new hip sunglasses, finalizing her funky cool style with a great getup!

Nice gentleman was feeling very nostalgic with our collection of RUNDMC and even posed with our boombox for the pic! Matched well with his lady who also dressed very nicely in her classical dress!

LMFAO visits up pretty often and is always very funky hip and super nice! 
Not to mention his humor of course 8)

Another pair of sisters hailing all the way from Europe! Older sister was so excited to bring her younger sister to our store to introduce the distinct Sunset blvd. California style!

Always thankful for all you peeps out there who are kind and bring a distinct style to our style! 
Thanks again and we hope you guys visit us soon!

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